The Diagon Alley - Ollivander´s Wand Shop

Ollivander´s Wand Shop

Ollivanders As the slowly flaking golden letters on the shop sign of the next rather derelict house tell this is the shop of the famous wand maker Mr Ollivander.

The weathered sign displays the words "Ollivander – Fine wands since 382 b.c.", that shows this shop is a traditional trade and it's in the hands of Ollivander family for an already long time. In this little shabby shop small boxes are stacked onto each other, forming high-piled stacks up to the ceiling.

Today Mr Ollivander is the owner – a man with pale silver but bright shining eyes, who's a bit spindle-legged. He doesn't care about the appearance of his shop, because the quality of his wands is enough to attract customers around the world to come to visit Diagon Alley. Mr Ollivander has a great memory. Despite of his old age, he is able to remember each single wand and its composition he ever sold in his life.

Every wand from the house of Ollivander is equipped with a core of a powerful magical substance which makes Mr Ollivander's wands something special. He uses for instance unicorn hair, tail feathers of phoenix' and dragon heartstring. No two Ollivander wands are the same, just as no unicorn, dragon or phoenix are the spitting image of each other. That's why no wizard can get such brilliant results with another wizard's wand as he can with his own.

Ollivander is convinced of the wand choosing the wizard instead of the wizard choosing the wand. He also thinks that you know by intuition if you hold the right wand in your hand.

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